DevBlog 2 More basic gameplayDevBlog 2 More basic gameplay

October 26, 2015


Next installment of my game (Code name "Tunnelship") for the apple tv.

Nothing huge this week but got some more gameplay basics ported over from Droppyship and added some utility stuff.

What I've done so far

The camera is working now instead of just flying through walls, and the ship collisions work. I also added coins to collect, though I am not sure if these will be actually coins in the final or if they will be some other resource. I fixed up the shaders a little bit so they don't look so dark but these are all still placeholder assets and shaders for now.

I also hooked up the IMGUI library, along with Synergy which lets me share my mouse and keyboard with my Apple TV. I haven't done anything with it yet but it should be super useful for debugging. Note that this is only exposed to the c++ side of things for the moment, I'll have to add some glue code if I want to talk to the Haxe gameplay code.

What’s Next

I did not manage to fix my stability problem. I've got some kind of crash in the hxcpp GC, something in the way I've set up the project breaks things. (I am ashamed to admit I just disabled the GC to record this update). Sometimes a clean build or a trivial change will make this go away for a bit, so it's quite annoying. So this week I'm going to try and dig in to that and lock it down. If I can fix that, I'm also going to try and get the basic loop for the economics metagame in there.

That's it for now! See you next time.


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