Planet Minesweeper Concept ArtPlanet Minesweeper Concept Art

October 22, 2010

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I posted this on the Ludum Dare site a couple of weeks ago, but since I'm trying to get this blog going, I figured I'd repost it here.

I've finished the basic gameplay and and starting to spruce up the graphics and doing fancy shader stuff. I'm planning on doing four different styles. Here's concept art for three of them: a diagrammatic "lunar" style, a Chuck Close inspired "gas giant style", and a stylized but somewhat realistic "jungle planet".

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This isn't just a pure mockup, it's a screenshot that I photoshopped to look like the shaders and stuff that I have in mind. The game looks pretty similar to the "lunar rocks" right now.

The first theme will be the default, and you'll be able to unlock the others by playing.

There's lots of activity orbiting around Planet Minesweeper right now, and I'll post more info and reveal more secrets soon!


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