Classic Strategy in a Whole New Shape.Classic Strategy in a Whole New Shape.

Planet Minesweeper presents the classic strategy game in a whole new way! Puzzle your way across an entire planet on the unique spherical game board.

Kindling for the Creative Mind.Kindling for the Creative Mind.

A tactile tool to randomly combine a plot, a subject and a setting or style, the Brainstormer can provide that elusive moment of inspiration for writers, painters, or any kind of creative endeavour.

A Leaf Falls on a Still PondA Leaf Falls on a Still Pond

Meditative and minimalist...until the Rhino shows up. The hilarious game from Hamumu Software, brought to iOS. Now with GameCenter!

Droppyship brings Flappy Bird style gameplay to 3DDroppyship brings Flappy Bird style gameplay to 3D

Pilot your dropship through a series of gates in this fast and intense infinite flyer. Tap for a quick burst of lift or dodge between low gates.

Mechscale VRMechscale VR

Giant Mechs in VR. A new way to move, shoot and stomp your enemies. None

Play Along with any YouTube VideoPlay Along with any YouTube Video

No-stress playalong for any YouTube video. Never lose your place in the song. Chord diagrams for Guitar and Ukuelele.

Write AttackWrite Attack

A Pressure Cooker for Writer's Block

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