A Leaf Falls on a Still PondA Leaf Falls on a Still Pond

Meditative and minimalist...until the Rhino shows up. The hilarious game from Hamumu Software, brought to iOS.

What is it?

The hit web game from Hamumu Games now available on your iPhone.

StillPond StillPond



"The game starts slowly, but all is not what it seems! Truly hilarious. You will play insanely until you win." -- AtkinsSJ

"Loony! This game is insanity at its finest." -- RyuInfinity

"Just wow. My 3rd favorite Hamumu game so far!" -- Redbone

"Agh! Too frustrating to be fun." -- BlastOfButter42

"Haha, This is Truly funny! If you are new to Hamumu, this should be one of your first games you play." -- Kerma

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